Dear Mr. Spratt,


I just want to say what a pleasure it has been getting the kind of customer service that I thought had long been gone from business. Everyone who I dealt with was courteous, polite,  helpful and especially professional. When we got the doors and the finish was streaked and not the right shade, Darrell came out and said they would make sure they would make it right, and he did.


Anthony and Jeff, who installed the doors, are the consummate professionals, making sure that the installation was done right and were very meticulous in making sure it was done right.  They didn't rush through the job making me feel like they had something more important to do.They made me feel like I was the one important and what they were doing was important.  You can't find that anymore.  George has come back a number of times to make sure that he refinished the doors to my satisfaction.  He's been great.


This entire experience has made me feel like I was the only customer you had and that is worth more than any amount of money.  Please don't change a thing about the way you do business. You are probably the only company left who treats their customers like a customer should be treated and that is a rarity.  Pleas thank everyone who worked on this little project but made it seem like a big deal.  I really appreciate it and know that I will be calling you again.




Steven Tardy