Handyman Services

There are many small repairs that regularly crop up around your house. In the old days, many people could do the work themselves, or a neighbor would help out. Today few people have the time, talent or tools to make small repairs around the house.

These little jobs frequently involve water damage and can lead to much bigger, more expensive repairs if put off for too long. Our knowledgeable Handymen handle these small repairs in a timely and efficient manner.

Some items we can do include:

Replacing window weights
Adjusting sticky or squeaking doors
Replacing rotten wood around windows and doors
Replacing warped deck boards
Replacing old patio doors
Patching holes in sheetrock walls
Installing under-cabinet lights


For the jobs we don’t do, we can recommend another company from our Reliable Referral List. We have had favorable experiences with all of these companies. That means you don’t have to make your best guess when selecting a company and worry about the stranger in your home.