Home Additions

Many houses in Olde Town Fredericksburg have additions. Some of the additions are well built and blend in well; others stand out like a sore thumb. Our goal when planning an addition is to first find out what your needs are and see if they can be met within the existing footprint of your house. If more space is required, then we begin discussing floor plans, foot-traffic patterns, roof tie-ins and setbacks. There are many new code requirements that an addition must meet, even if the original house doesn’t. Some new codes even require the original house to be upgraded, such as interconnected smoke detectors. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you through all of these processes so that your new addition is safe and passes inspection.

Lighting is an important element in any room. We consider windows lost because of the location of the addition, new window placement and size, sky lights, and sun tunnels to make sure your new addition has the most natural lighting possible. For additional light, surface mounted ceiling fixtures, recessed can lights, and sconces are all possibilities. L.E.D. lights are the most efficient and most expensive. However, their price has continued to drop and their performance to improve over the years, making them an increasingly viable option.

There is also the heating and cooling of the addition to be considered; there are many options to choose from. We will determine whether the existing system can be extended into your new addition, whether it will require new duct work, and if there is room for the additional equipment required to service the addition. We also factor in how much energy efficiency you want to pay for to determine the type of systems needed.

An important consideration that new home building doesn’t have to worry about is matching the existing building. Frequently, old products are no longer available, so we will work with you to agree on complimentary materials for the new addition. Slight setbacks, gutters, and landscaping can also help blend new and old structures.

Another consideration is the impact of having a construction crew inside your home. This is where the lowest bid contractor frequently falls short. By using the lowest paid workers who may not be as skillful, trustworthy, polite, or easy to communicate with. Steve Spratt Improvement’s ultimate goal is to do such a good job that you would recommend us to your neighbors and be willing to hiring us again for your next project.