Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the busiest room in the house.  There are a lot of moving parts and different components that need to work together. If your kitchen does not look or function the way it should, perhaps it is time to consider a kitchen remodel.  Steve Spratt or Darrell Bowie will listen to your problems and offer solutions to make your kitchen easy to work in and beautiful to look at. We try to work to your budget, whether it’s economy, mid-range, or luxury.

One of the most difficult tasks for the homeowner is making the correct choices from all of the options available.  We will help guide you through the selection process based on our extensive past experience.  We recommend the products that have been successful and warn against those that were problematic.

It’s a big inconvenience when the kitchen is dismantled, but we try to set up alternate cooking and washing arrangements whenever possible.  While some dust is inevitable, our team uses curtain walls to contain the dust and cleans the jobsite every day.

By using quality products and skillful labor, we rarely have callbacks.  In the unlikely event of a future problem, our 3-year industry-leading warrantee assures customers that their dream kitchen will continue to be enjoyed for many years to come.