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Steve Spratt Improvements is a full-service home remodeling company serving Fredericksburg, VA and the surrounding counties of Spotsylvania, (South) Stafford, King George, and Caroline.

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Steve Spratt Improvments


Many inexperienced remodelers don't realize the difference between new home construction and remodeling or renovation.

Here are some things to think about:

Keeping the jobsite clean is much more important in remodeling.  All of our lead carpenters have vacuum cleaners and use drop cloths and curtain walls to protect the home.

Matching existing finishes is a non issue in new home construction but very important in remodeling and renovation.

In new home construction, it doesn't matter to the customer what the workers look like or when they show up.  In remodeling and renovation, it is very important that the workmen in your house are trustworthy, arrive at the scheduled time, can communicate clearly and are not too scary looking.  In the customer evaluations we send out after every job, our carpenters almost always get the highest possible mark for the question:  "Were the workers courteous?"

Remodeling and renovation is more about solving problems as you go where as new home construction is more about speed of production.